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BOSE 838309-1100 TV Soundbar Review

Bose Amazon Choice TV Soundbar Review
BOSE 838309-1100 TV Soundbar

The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar embodies a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication in its design and functionality. You are crafted to augment your TV viewing experience. This compact Soundbar promises to redefine your audio engagement. From its focus on delivering clearer vocals to its spatial audio prowess, this Soundbar aims to elevate every aspect of your entertainment. Join me as we delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar in this comprehensive review.

The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar stands as a testament to Bose’s commitment to audio excellence. Beyond its sleek design and compact form factor, this Soundbar packs a punch in its audio delivery. Its emphasis on enhancing dialogue clarity ensures that every word on-screen resonates with unparalleled precision.

The spatial prowess of this Soundbar, powered by angled full-range drivers, promises an immersive audio experience, transforming your living room into a cinematic haven. Throughout this review, we’ll explore its connectivity options, ease of setup, and the practicality it brings to your home entertainment setup, shedding light on whether this Bose offering truly stands out in the competitive soundscape of TV soundbars.

If you dig a little further, you’ll find that the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar impresses with its sound quality and ease of installation. Easy setup is guaranteed thanks to the optical audio cable (included) or HDMI cable (available separately) required to connect to your TV. In addition, it can be easily connected to your TV thanks to its compatibility with HDMI-CEC technology, which synchronizes the volume and power settings with your TV’s remote. This straightforward design is consistent with Bose’s commitment to creating accessible, high-quality audio solutions. As we delve deeper, you’ll learn how this Soundbar handles nuanced audio and if it’s a top pick among slim yet powerful TV soundbars.

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Bose TV Speaker Hear Your TV Better.

Experience television audio like never before with the Bose TV Speaker. This sleek and compact soundbar redefines your home entertainment, focusing on elevating vocal clarity and delivering a captivating, immersive audio performance. Designed to blend into your setup seamlessly, its emphasis on crystal-clear dialogue and spacious sound creates an unparalleled viewing experience. Join us as we explore the features, immersive capabilities, and effortless setup of the Bose TV Speaker and uncover how it reshapes your TV sound into an immersive cinematic journey.

The Bose TV Speaker is a compact soundbar designed to enhance your TV audio experience significantly. It’s engineered to prioritize vocal clarity and pronunciation while delivering an immersive, lifelike sound. Here are the key details:

Vocal Clarity and Realistic Audio

  • Focused Sound Enhancement: This soundbar is engineered to enrich vocals and speech. Its design ensures that dialogue and vocals are crystal clear, elevating the overall TV viewing experience.
  • Spacious Audio: Equipped with angled full-range drivers. The soundbar delivers a wide, spatial audio experience. This feature creates a sense of depth and realism in the sound, providing an immersive feel for movies, shows, and even music.

Ease of Setup and Connectivity

  • Simple Installation: With an emphasis on simplicity, the Bose TV Speaker is effortless to set up. It requires a single connection to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately), ensuring a quick and straightforward installation process.
  • Compatibility: It’s designed to work seamlessly with HDMI-CEC technology. The soundbar can sync with your TV, automatically turning on/off alongside the TV and allowing volume control through your TV remote.
easy setup

Compact Design and Control

  • Space-Saving: Measuring just over 2 inches tall. This compact soundbar is designed for convenient placement in front of your TV or can be wall-mounted (brackets sold separately), ensuring it fits seamlessly into your entertainment setup.
  • Remote Control: The soundbar comes with a dedicated remote control. It allows for easy access to various features, including a “dialogue mode” for further enhancing speech and a “bass” button for added depth in audio.
compact design

Compact Design and Control

  • Space-Saving: Measuring just over 2 inches tall. This compact soundbar is designed for convenient placement in front of your TV or can be wall-mounted (brackets sold separately), ensuring it fits seamlessly into your entertainment setup.
  • Remote Control: The soundbar comes with a dedicated remote control. It allows for easy access to various features, including a “dialogue mode” for further enhancing speech and a “bass” button for added depth in audio.

Expandable Audio Experience

  • Customization: The Bose TV Speaker is compatible with additional accessories, such as the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700. Adding these components can enhance the sound quality, creating a more immersive home theater experience.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Apart from TV use, it is a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream music or podcasts from your compatible devices wirelessly.

Visual Confirmation and Indicators

  • LED Indicators: The soundbar has LED lights on the front that turn on or change color to confirm when specific features are activated visually. They also blink in acknowledgment of volume changes, providing clear visual cues.

Overall, the Bose TV Speaker aims to simplify setup, enhance vocal clarity, and deliver immersive audio, making it a versatile and effective addition to your home entertainment system.

More clarity!

With the Bose TV Speaker, you can immerse yourself in a world of TV sound where every word rings crystal-clearly. The ‘Dialogue Mode’ function, at the heart of this little soundbar, was carefully designed to improve your viewing experience. The analysis of audio frequencies clarifies speech and separates conversations, making every word spoken easily discernible.

To that end, we invite you to join us as we delve into the Bose TV Speaker’s ‘Dialogue Mode,’ discovering how it brings discussions to life, boosts engagement, and reimagines the TV audio experience with unmatched precision and depth.

The “Dialogue Mode” on the Bose TV Speaker is calibrated to enhance the clarity of conversation and other speech in whatever you’re watching. The breakdown is as follows:

Purpose and Functionality

  • Speech Enhancement: When activated, “Dialogue Mode” takes center stage by analyzing and isolating dialogue frequencies within the audio track.
  • Focused Clarity: It elevates the volume and fine-tunes the audio settings precisely for speech frequencies, ensuring that every spoken word becomes more distinct and audible.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Emphasizing and boosting these frequencies significantly improves the clarity of conversations, making it easier to follow and comprehend dialogues, especially in scenes with background noise or ambient soundtracks.

Activation and Control

  • Remote Control Accessibility: Accessibly through the dedicated remote control provided by the Bose TV Speaker.
  • Single Press Function: Activating “Dialogue Mode” is as simple as pressing the designated button on the remote control. It turns the feature on or off, giving immediate control over speech enhancement.

Impact on Viewing Experience

  • Improved Clarity: With “Dialogue Mode” engaged, dialogues and spoken words become crisper and more pronounced, even in scenes with complex audio backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Engagement: It enriches the overall TV-watching experience by ensuring the narrative and conversations remain clear and understandable.

Adaptive Nature

  • Adaptable to Content: This feature dynamically adjusts based on the played content. It intuitively recognizes speech patterns and adjusts the sound settings accordingly, optimizing dialogue clarity for various genres or types of content.

Versatile Application

  • Compatible Content: “Dialogue Mode” can enhance speech in movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other audio-visual content, irrespective of genre or source.

Overall, “Dialogue Mode” on the Bose TV Speaker is an invaluable tool to enhance speech clarity, ensuring that every word spoken in your favorite shows and movies is heard with precision and clarity, thus significantly enhancing your overall viewing satisfaction.


The Bose TV Speaker is the key to wireless audio convenience and unparalleled sound quality. Because it can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this stylish soundbar can be used for more than just watching TV. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled device, you can use the soundbar’s remote to instantly connect to a wireless network and enjoy crystal-clear sound from your favorite music and podcasts.

Join us as we delve into the immersive possibilities of the Bose TV Speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity, finding how it redefines audio streaming, enables simplicity, and creates a fascinating, room-filling sound experience that transcends standard TV audio.

Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, the Bose TV Speaker provides a fuss-free way to listen to music and podcasts on the go. Here’s the breakdown:

Wireless Streaming Convenience

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Bose TV Speaker is equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect compatible devices wirelessly.
  • Simple Pairing: Press the Bluetooth button on the included remote control, and the soundbar enters pairing mode, ready to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Versatile Compatibility: It can pair with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It enables you to stream music or podcasts directly to the soundbar.

Enhanced Audio Experience

  • High-Quality Sound: Bluetooth connectivity ensures that your music or podcast content retains its audio quality while streaming wirelessly to the soundbar.
  • Room-Filling Sound: Leveraging the soundbar’s audio capabilities. Your music and podcasts gain depth and richness, filling the room with immersive sound.

User-Friendly Functionality

  • Remote Control Access: The dedicated Bluetooth button on the remote simplifies the pairing process, providing effortless control over the soundbar’s connectivity.
  • Seamless Switching: You can effortlessly switch between streaming content from your TV to wirelessly playing music or podcasts from your Bluetooth-connected device.

Customized Entertainment

  • Personalized Listening: Directly stream your curated playlists, podcasts, or favorite tracks through the soundbar. We are offering a tailored audio experience.
  • Expandable Sound: Should you choose to enhance the audio experience. You can expand the system by adding compatible Bose accessories for a more immersive, room-filling sound.

Flexibility and Mobility

  • Wireless Freedom: Enjoy the freedom of movement while streaming audio content from your device to the Bose TV Speaker without the constraints of cables.
  • Multi-Device Connectivity: The soundbar allows multiple devices to be paired, enabling seamless switching between different audio content sources.

Overall Convenience

  • Effortless Integration: The Bluetooth feature seamlessly integrates with the soundbar’s setup, providing additional functionality to cater to your entertainment needs.

The Bose TV Speaker goes beyond the traditional function of a soundbar for television by adding Bluetooth connectivity, turning it into a multipurpose audio hub that can play music and podcasts wirelessly and to high standards.

More Bass!

The Bose TV Speaker is a small powerhouse that provides more than just great sound to enhance your viewing experience—taking listening to a whole new level.

This sound bar allows you to boost the bass and hear every word. You may instantly immerse yourself in deeper, fuller tones by pressing the ‘BASS’ button on the remote control.

In addition, connecting in a Bose Bass Module expands the system’s low-frequency capabilities, giving movie buffs access to a new level of realism. Come along as we investigate how the Bose TV Speaker can turn your living room into a dynamic audio haven, complete with EQ controls for bass that give your home theater a whole new meaning.

The Bose TV Speaker offers choices to boost bass for a more immersive audio experience. The breakdown is as follows:

Built-in Bass Enhancement

  • Bass Button: The soundbar’s remote control features a dedicated “BASS” button, allowing users to add extra depth to the audio output instantly.
  • One-Click Enhancement: The soundbar adjusts its settings by simply pressing the “BASS” button, emphasizing lower frequencies to provide a richer and more impactful bass response.

Theater-Quality Expansion

  • Compatibility with Bose Bass Module: To further elevate the bass performance, users can expand their audio setup by adding a compatible wired Bose Bass Module.
  • Enhanced Depth: The Bass Module supplements the soundbar’s capabilities by delivering deep, resonant bass notes, enhancing the overall audio quality for a more theater-like experience.

Customization and Control

  • Tailored Audio Preferences: Users can adjust the bass according to personal preferences. The “BASS” button allows quick adjustments, while the Bass Module offers a more profound and customizable bass output.
  • Seamless Integration: The soundbar and Bass Module work together seamlessly, syncing to create a balanced and immersive audio environment, especially for those seeking a richer low-frequency performance.

Room-Filling Sound

  • Immersive Audio: The combined effect of enhanced bass from the soundbar and the additional Bass Module creates a room-filling soundstage, perfect for movies, music, and gaming.
  • Theater-Quality Experience: The expanded system with the Bass Module elevates the overall audio experience, bringing a cinematic touch to your home entertainment.

System Expansion Options

  • Modularity: The Bose TV Speaker offers expandable possibilities, allowing users to start with the soundbar and later augment their setup with the Bose Bass Module for a more comprehensive audio solution.
  • Tailored Configurations: Users can tailor their system configuration based on space, preferences, and the desired level of bass enhancement.

Enhanced Entertainment Dynamics

  • Dynamic Audio Range: The enhanced bass, whether through the soundbar’s built-in feature or with the Bass Module, broadens the audio dynamics, adding depth and realism to sound effects and musical performances.


The Bose TV Speaker allows instant bass modification at the touch of a button, possibly greatly boosting bass performance by adding a dedicated Bose Bass Module. These choices provide an excellent audio experience for many listeners, whether they want a rapid bass bump or a full theater-like environment.

Exploring Alternatives Related Products to BOSE 838309-1100 TV Soundbar

Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar—a little yet powerful addition to your home audiovisual system. Built to the greatest audio standards, this elegant Soundbar will enhance your TV viewing experience with crystal-clear, immersive sound. With its Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable bass, and focus on dialogue and spatial audio, the Bose 838309-1100 revolutionizes home music listening. Discover how this Soundbar redefines home entertainment by combining exceptional audio quality with simple simplicity, and experience its immersive potential and seamless integration.

Here are some alternative TV soundbars similar to the Bose 838309-1100, each with a brief description:

1. Sonos Beam

  • Features: Compact design, voice control compatibility (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant), HDMI ARC, multi-room audio.
  • Description: The Sonos Beam delivers impressive sound in a compact size, with smart features like voice control and multi-room functionality, making it a versatile choice for home entertainment.

2. Samsung HW-Q60T

  • Features: Acoustic Beam technology, wireless subwoofer, Dolby Digital 5.1, Bluetooth, Game Mode Pro.
  • Description: Samsung’s HW-Q60T offers immersive sound with its Acoustic Beam technology and wireless subwoofer, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a cinematic experience.

3. Vizio SB3651-E6

  • Features: 5.1 channels, wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, DTS Virtual X.
  • Description: The Vizio SB3651-E6 provides a 5.1 channel setup, wireless subwoofer, and DTS Virtual:X for a surround sound experience, coupled with convenient wireless connectivity options.

4. Yamaha YAS-209

  • Features: Built-in Alexa, DTS Virtual:X, wireless subwoofer, Clear Voice technology, HDMI ARC.
  • Description: Yamaha’s YAS-209 offers immersive sound, enhanced voice clarity, and the convenience of built-in Alexa, catering to users seeking a balance between audio quality and smart features.

5. LG SL5Y

  • Features: DTS Virtual:X, wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth, AI Sound Pro, HDMI ARC.
  • Description: LG’s SL5Y delivers enhanced audio with DTS Virtual:X, wireless subwoofer, and AI Sound Pro for optimized sound in various content types.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best BOSE Soundbar

Bose soundbars deliver an unparalleled listening experience with cutting-edge design and legendary sound. Consider audio quality, connectivity, aesthetics, and affordability when buying a soundbar. Our detailed buying guide simplifies the Bose soundbar selection process, helping you choose the right model. Learn about the key characteristics and make an informed choice that matches your interests and turns your house into a cinematic sanctuary of superb sound.

The right Bose soundbar for your requirements depends on several factors. The buyer’s guide below can help you choose wisely:

Consider Your Needs:

  • TV Compatibility: Ensure the soundbar is compatible with your TV’s audio output ports (HDMI ARC, optical, etc.).
  • Room Size: Consider the size of your room to match it with the soundbar’s audio output capabilities.

Audio Performance:

  • Sound Quality: Look for clear dialogue, immersive sound, and bass depth that suits your preferences.
  • Spatial Audio: Some models offer enhanced spatial audio for a more immersive experience.

Connectivity and Compatibility:

  • HDMI and Optical Inputs: Check for required input options for your setup.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Consider Bluetooth capability for streaming from mobile devices.

Additional Features:

  • Smart Functionality: Some soundbars offer voice control or compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Customizable Sound: Look for soundbars with EQ settings or specific audio enhancement modes.

Design and Placement:

  • Size and Aesthetics: Consider the soundbar’s size, design, and compatibility with your TV setup or room aesthetics.
  • Mounting Options: Check if the soundbar can be wall-mounted or fits seamlessly in front of your TV.

Brand Reputation and Support:

  • Bose Quality: Consider Bose’s reputation for audio quality and reliability.
  • Warranty and Support: Check the warrant and available customer support options.

Budget Consideration:

  • Price Range: Determine your budget and compare features within that range.
  • Value for Money: Look for soundbars that offer the features you need at a reasonable price point.

Reviews and Comparisons:

  • Customer Reviews: Check customer feedback and reviews to understand real-world performance.
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare different Bose models and features to find the best fit for your needs.

Personal Audition or Testing:

  • In-Person Testing: Listen to the soundbar in-store or at a friend’s place to assess its audio quality.

Sustainability and Upgradability:

  • Future Expansion: Check if the soundbar is expandable with additional components like a subwoofer for future upgrades.
  • Sustainability: Consider models with future firmware updates or long-term support.

Considering these factors and your specific preferences, you can choose the best Bose soundbar that fits your audio needs and enhances your home entertainment experience.

Overview: BOSE 838309-1100 TV Soundbar

The sleek and powerful Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar delivers crystal-clear sound and full-room immersion for your home theater setup. The tilted full-range speakers in this soundbar enhance vocal quality and overall listening pleasure. Its ease of use, requiring only one TV connection, and compatibility via Bluetooth make for a foolproof home theater installation. The soundbar’s compact size and high-quality audio make it a great addition to any TV setup.The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar is a compact powerhouse that improves audio immersion and fits your current home theater system well.

This sound bar was developed to provide crystal-clear dialogue and enveloping audio. The emphasis on natural speech makes each word ring out with remarkable precision. Your living room may become a cinematic experience with its slanted full-range speakers. It may be set up in minutes with just one cable connection (optical or HDMI). Bluetooth allows for wireless audio transmission of music and podcasts. The elegant yet powerful Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar completely revamps home audio, making television listening an immersive experience.

Final Observations: BOSE 838309-1100 TV Soundbar

Finally, the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar exemplifies Bose’s dedication to providing premium audio in a space-saving design. Because of its attention to detail, your media experience will be richer and more immersive. This Soundbar is simple to install, has multiple connection choices, and looks great in any room, making TV listening an exciting new experience. The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar is an excellent addition to any home theater system because each sound is expertly produced.

Related Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar:

Q. How do I set up the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar?

A. Setting up the Soundbar is straightforward. Connect it to your TV using the provided optical audio cable or an HDMI cable (sold separately). Once connected, power on the Soundbar and follow the on-screen instructions on your TV.

Q. Does the Soundbar come with a subwoofer?

A. The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar doesn’t include a subwoofer, but it’s compatible with additional Bose Bass Modules for those seeking an enhanced bass response.

Q. Can I wall-mount the Soundbar?

A. Yes, the Soundbar is designed for versatile placement. Wall-mounting brackets are available separately for those who prefer this setup.

Q. What devices can I connect to the Soundbar via Bluetooth?

A. The Soundbar is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can play music or podcasts wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Q. Does the Soundbar support virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant?

A. The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar doesn’t have built-in virtual assistant support. It’s primarily focused on delivering enhanced TV audio.

Q. Can I use my TV remote to control the Soundbar?

A. If your TV supports HDMI-CEC technology and is connected to the Soundbar via HDMI, you can control the Soundbar’s volume using your TV remote.

Q. How can I enhance the bass on this Soundbar?

A. Press the remote control’s dedicated “BASS” button to add extra depth to the audio output. Additionally, you can expand the system by adding a compatible wired Bose Bass Module for a more theater-like experience.

Q. What is the warranty for the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar?

A. The warranty details may vary based on your region. Generally, Bose offers a standard limited warranty for its products. Check the warranty information provided with the Soundbar or contact Bose customer support for specific details.

Q. Is the Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar compatible with all TV models?

A. It’s compatible with most modern TVs with optical or HDMI ARC audio output. Ensure your TV has one of these audio output options for seamless connectivity.

Q. Can I expand the Soundbar’s capabilities by adding additional speakers?

A. The Bose 838309-1100 TV Soundbar doesn’t support additional satellite speakers for a multi-channel setup. However, it’s expandable with compatible Bose Bass Modules to enhance bass performance.