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How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar?

How to connect samsung subwoofer to soundbar
How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar?

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar – Let’s Start.

Connecting a Samsung subwoofer to a Samsung soundbar can enhance your home audio experience, providing more prosperous and more immersive sound that makes movies, TV shows, and music come alive.

Fortunately, the process is usually straightforward, thanks to Samsung’s user-friendly design. Whether your soundbar and subwoofer are brand new or you’re reconnecting after moving furniture, this guide will help you get the two devices working in harmony.

There are generally two methods for accomplishing this: an automatic pairing method and a manual pairing method. Both methods are designed to be simple and quick, allowing you to enjoy improved audio quality without extensive technical know-how.

Table of Contents

Automatic Pairing Method

  1. Plug in Both Devices: Insert the power cords into the respective power input ports at the back of the soundbar and the subwoofer.
  2. Connect to Power Source: Plug the other end of the power cords into wall outlets or a power strip.
  3. Power On: Turn on both the soundbar and the subwoofer.
  4. Automatic Detection: The devices should automatically detect each other upon powering on. You will know this is happening when the blue LED “LINK” light on your subwoofer starts blinking.
  5. Confirmation: If the automatic pairing is successful, the blue LED “LINK” light on your subwoofer should stop blinking and become solid. If it remains blinking, automatic pairing fails.

Manual Pairing Method

  1. Initial Setup: Just like the automatic method, first plug in the soundbar and subwoofer to a power source and ensure they are off.
  2. Locate ID SET Button: Find the ‘ID SET’ button at the back of your subwoofer. Some subwoofers have a button you can press with your fingers, while others have a recessed control that you might need a pointed object like a paperclip.
  3. Press ID SET: Hold the ‘ID SET’ button until the standby light on the subwoofer turns off and the blue LED “LINK” light starts blinking rapidly.
  4. Remote Control: Grab your soundbar remote control and find the ‘Up’ or the ‘Mute’ buttons.
  5. Hold Button on Remote: While the soundbar is still off, press and hold either the ‘Up’ button or ‘Mute’ button on the soundbar’s remote control until ‘ID SET’ appears on your subwoofer’s LED display or until you see a blue LED light.
  6. Power On Soundbar: Turn on your soundbar if it doesn’t turn on automatically during this process.
  7. Confirmation: Wait for the blue LED “LINK” light on the subwoofer to become solid, indicating that the subwoofer is now successfully paired with the soundbar.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Close Proximity: Make sure that the subwoofer and soundbar are within close range of each other for optimal pairing.
  • Remove Interference: To minimize interference, keep other Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi routers, and microwaves away from the soundbar and subwoofer during the pairing process.
  • Retry: If the first attempt fails, unplug both devices from the power source; please wait a few seconds, plug them back in, and try again.

Close Proximity

  • Why It’s Important: The closer the two devices are to each other, the more likely they will pair successfully. This is especially crucial for wireless setups where the devices must detect each other.
  • What to Do: Try to place the subwoofer and soundbar within a few feet of each other during the initial pairing process. Once paired, you can move them to their final positions in the room.

Remove Interference

  • Why It’s Important: Wireless devices, including Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth speakers, can interfere with the wireless communication between your soundbar and subwoofer.
  • What to Do: Turn off or move other devices that could interfere with pairing. This includes Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi routers, or even microwaves, which operate at a frequency that can interfere with wireless communications.


  • Why It’s Important: Sometimes, devices fail to connect for minor reasons resolved by a simple reset.
  • What to Do: Unplug the soundbar and the subwoofer from their power sources. Please Wait 30 seconds to a minute to let any residual power drain out. This can help prevent minor glitches in the devices’ software. After waiting, plug them back in and try the pairing process again from the beginning.

If you’ve tried all these troubleshooting steps and still can’t connect your devices, it may be a compatibility issue, or one of the devices may need repair. In such cases, your best bet is to consult the user manuals for your specific models or contact Samsung’s customer service for specialized help.

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar- OVERALL

This comprehensive guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on connecting a Samsung subwoofer to your soundbar. The guide offers automatic and manual pairing methods, ensuring a hassle-free setup. It also includes troubleshooting tips for common issues, making it a one-stop resource for enhancing your home theater’s audio experience.


This guide provides step-by-step instructions for connecting a Samsung subwoofer to a soundbar, covering automatic and manual pairing methods. It also includes troubleshooting tips to handle common issues, all aimed at enhancing your audio experience quickly and effectively.