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How To Setup Samsung Soundbar?

Setting up a Samsung soundbar is usually straightforward, but the exact steps may vary depending on your specific soundbar model and connection type. Here is a general guide on how to setup samsung soundbar:

What You’ll Need

  • Samsung Soundbar
  • Remote Control (usually included with the soundbar)
  • TV (or another audio source)
  • Power outlets
  • Appropriate cables (HDMI, Optical, etc.)
How to setup samsung soundbar

Table of Contents


  • Unpack and Place the Soundbar:
  1. Remove all items from the box and place the soundbar below or in front of your TV. Make sure the soundbar is close to ear level for optimal sound quality.
  • Connect to Power:
  1. Plug the power cord from the soundbar and Subwoofer (if applicable) into an electrical outlet.
  • Connect to TV:

There are several ways to connect the soundbar to the TV:

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) 

  1.  Locate the HDMI ARC port on your TV and the soundbar.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable from the TV’s HDMI ARC port to the soundbar’s HDMI ARC port.
  3. Turn on the TV and set the sound output to ‘HDMI ARC’ (check your TV settings).

Optical Cable

  1. Locate the Optical Out port on your TV and the Optical In port on your soundbar.
  2. Connect an optical cable between these two ports.
  3. Turn on the TV and set the sound output to ‘Optical’ (check your TV settings).

Aux Cable or Others 

If your TV doesn’t have HDMI or optical outputs, you may be able to use an Aux cable or other adapters. Consult your soundbar’s manual for details.

Turn On Soundbar:

Use the supplied remote control to turn on the soundbar. You may also use your TV’s remote if HDMI-CEC is enabled on both devices.

Pair the Subwoofer (if applicable):

If your soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer, it may automatically pair when you turn on both devices. If not, consult your manual for pairing instructions.

Configure Audio Settings:

Some soundbars offer different sound modes like ‘Movie,’ ‘Music,’ ‘News,’ etc. Choose the one that best suits your preference.


Play audio from the TV to make sure the sound is coming through the soundbar.

Additional Features:

Some soundbars offer advanced features like smartphone apps, voice control, etc. Consult your manual for these extra setup steps.


If you run into any issues:

  • Double-check all your connections.
  • Make sure the correct input/source is selected on the soundbar.
  • Make sure the sound settings on the TV are correctly configured.
  • Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website for specific troubleshooting tips.

And there you have it! It would help if you had your Samsung soundbar set up and ready to go.